What do we do?



• Eye tint and trim.



COSMETOLOGY• Anti-Aging Treatment Using LED LIGHT–a new treatment,...


Medical Cosmetics

- Argipeel   ...



  DIETICS• Skin Conditions Dietics• Weight Loss Advice And Tre...

Witamy w DermKos Gabinecie Dermokosmetycznym

Welcome in DermKos

DermKos is a salon, which has been established to fulfill Your Needs
The Needs of Your Skin, Your Beauty, Your Health… Your Wellbeing!!

Please take a look at our offer


Main brands used for treatments

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The scientiests of Nantes laboratory have created ...
IL Tempio Della Salute
Lorenzo Berzieri did various experiments in 1839....
Brand Payot was established by a doctor dermocos...
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